Free Agency News

With the start of free agency only hours away, the Giants, in a bit of a surprise, were prepared to let all of their free agents hit the open market. <BR><BR>

Multiple-year starters like DT Cornelius Griffin and LB Brandon Short are both likely to end up elsewhere in the very near future. Griffin said he has not received an offer since October and expects to make close to $10 million for his services, significantly more loot than Big Blue is willing to pay. The Redskins are among the many expected suitors for New York's second-round pick in 2000.

Speaking of the Redskins, Dan Snyder and Co. is also expected to make a run at Short, who spent time with former college teammate LaVar Arrington on Monday evening. The Giants never formally offered Short a deal, but in discussions with agent Marvin Demoff indicated they wouldn't pay much more than $1.1 million annually.

LB Dhani Jones, C Chris Bober, CB Ralph Brown and DE Kenny Holmes were all in the same boat as free agency opened – stay at the Giants' price, or work elsewhere.

As for the Giants' shopping list, keep your eyes on Bears G Chris Villarrial, Raiders DT Rod Coleman and Rams DT Brian Young as potential free agent targets.

New York could also make a play for Redskins LB Jeremiah Trotter if, as expected, Washington cuts him loose.

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