Coughlin meets players for first time today

We had our first team meeting this morning. We brought the players in early. We did all of the height, weight, body fat, stretching tests. We did some projections with them. We introduced the off season program to them in the weight room. <BR><BR>

We had about two hours of procedure prior to a 10 o'clock team meeting that I conducted, followed by Jerry Palmieri (who) went over the paperwork of our strength program. So it was the first opportunity for me to speak with our team. I told our team how excited I was; I was as excited to speak to them this morning as I was on January 7th when I was honored to be introduced as the next head coach of the New York Giants. I wanted my team to understand that: how proud I am to be a member of the New York Giants and how much I hold in respect this franchise. And our number one objective is to restore the pride - the self pride and the team pride - in this organization.

What we're trying to do is to strengthen the power of will. We've asked the players when they come in everyday to try and do a little bit more than they think is possible, that was basically our starting point.

We talked about the new weight room. About how much pride we have in that facility and how I hope the players look at in the same way that I do in that they are proud of it and they will take good care of it. We talked about how we tried to do as much as we could with our team meeting facility; new chairs, new benches - we used a Power Point presentation this morning - so we're trying to do some things so that they will recognize there is a change as well.

We talked about the attitude, the development of professional growth here from the standpoint of improvement of learning and of preparation. We talked about the development of professional relationships here based on trust - of course all relationships are based on that. Can I trust you? Can you trust me? And how there is a price to paid to get to that point. Of course we begin that process right now.

We talked a lot about priorities. The players' priority and my priority need to be the same, and that is that we do everything in our power to use our God given ability to be the best football player we can possibly be. If a player exemplifies that then he is never going to have a problem with me. My problem is that people have to be honest with themselves and with me. If we approach it - people are late and not giving us great effort, if the approach is not with a proper attitude, then is doesn't sound to me like that is the priority of the player: to be the best that he can be.

We talked about these kinds of things; what I expect of the players, what my definition of discipline might be, what they can expect from me, my relationship with them, what I want for them. I went into some detail about the program itself and then talked about how this relates to football.

I took basically five areas - the areas that everyone knows about - and indicated that if we can work to accomplish and make great strides in correcting these areas, than we will automatically put ourselves in a position where we will have a greater opportunity to win.

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