Collins Speaks Out

Here follows portions of Kerry Collins' conference call with reporters from the start of New York's offseason program on March 22... <BR><BR>

Q: Tom said he talked to you one-on-one for the first time today. Was there anything beyond just kind of saying hello? What did you guys talk about?

A: It was fairly brief. It basically was - I started off by thanking him. He sent flowers when the baby was born and he put in a call and we missed each other there for a little while. It was basically an introductory conversation about being excited to get things going and I reiterated those were my feelings as well. It really wasn't a whole lot to it, just your basic introductory conversation.

Q: What were your impressions of his presentation today with the whole team together for the first time?

A: I think the first thing that came through loud and clear was that he is dedicated, committed to winning. That was very obvious in our first presentation today. He demands things to be done a certain way and he is committed to make the New York Giants Super Bowl Champions. I think if we all got anything out of his speech today, his presentation, it was that he is very committed to making the New York Giants football team a winner.

Q: Did you come away from your conversations with him with the same feeling that he is committed to you personally? How did that go?

A: Well I guess the best way I can answer is that I didn't get the feeling that he wasn't committed to me. I wouldn't necessarily say that there was enough conversation to warrant any kind of feeling one way or the other. But certainly there wasn't anything negative in the conversation we had.

Q: Were you put off that it has taken more than two and one-half months since he was hired for you to finally meet your coach?

A: No, not at all. I feel that as busy as they were, as busy as he was, and we traded calls, we played a little phone tag there, so it's not like there wasn't an effort on either one of our parts to speak at some point. It just didn't happen and like I said, I understand what was going on. I know he was busy putting together a coaching staff and trying to get used to his new position. I wasn't put off by that at all.

Q: How comfortable are you with the business side of things right now and do you feel you really need to get that thing settled before the Giants draft?

A: Well, obviously there hasn't been a whole lot going on up to this point. I think certainly the draft is kind of a significant point because if we don't get something done obviously they are going to take a quarterback. They may take a quarterback anyway; they may just do it a little bit higher. My position remains the same, I would like to be here. I hope we can work something out. I leave a lot of that stuff to my agent. He gives me the highlights and there just haven't been many significant conversations up to this point to really comment on. I think the league meetings are either this weekend or next weekend, something like that. I think they are going to have some more conversations then. Hopefully we can get something done.

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