Rich Seubert chats with NY media

Rich Seubert recently spoke to the New York media about his recovery from a broken leg. <BR><BR>

Here's some of what Seubert had to say...

Q: How is your rehab coming along?

A: It is coming good. The leg is getting better everyday.

Q: They have told us that you are ahead of schedule, is that true? And if so how much ahead of schedule are you?

A: Schedule wise I am not really sure really. All I know is that I was walking before they told me I could walk, jogging before they told me that I could start jogging. For that reason, yeah I am ahead of schedule.

Q: Is that where you are now - jogging?

A: Well some people say jogging, I would say running! I started going outside two weeks ago, running and jogging and getting up my stamina and going from there. The bone is 80 percent healed, so hopefully in another month it will be 100 percent healed and then I can start going side to side.

Q: Coughlin said he didn't think you'd be ready for the start of the season, how do you feel about that?

A: Nobody really knows. I know in my mind that I am doing everything I can do to get myself ready for the season. I am not going to be ready to go for the first mini-camp the first weekend of May, but when the camp rolls around up in Albany...I am doing everything in my mind. I have been in here everyday since the season. I'll be back out there, and people who don't think I will - I will be back out there. I will just prove them wrong. I saw other people saying that they don't know if I'll be ready. But I'd like to prove everybody wrong and be out there.

Q: Do you have a target date for when you expect to be 100 percent?

A: Oh, at the latest I want to be 100 percent and ready to rock at the start of training camp. I want to go up to Albany ready to go and if I'm ready before that I am ready before that. Dr. Helfet is my doctor, he is a great doctor, and he told me I won't have any problem being ready by then, so we'll see what happens.

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