A Conversation with Amani Toomer

"He just really laid out everything that he believes in and what direction he wants to take us."-Toomer on Coughlin

Q: What impressed you the most about Tom Coughlin?

A: I just thought the way the whole thing was organized. He just really laid out everything that he believes in and what direction he wants to take us. It was a real organized approach, which as a player you feel comfortable about that - I feel comfortable about that.

Q: Tiki kind of described it like the first day of school, is that similar to how you felt?

A: You've heard so much about how the new system is going to be and everything like that. There was nothing that really stood out to be that was crazy or anything like that. Everything seemed very logical and everything seemed natural. There wasn't anything that you kind of raised your eyebrows about. It was all kind of like 'Okay, I can deal with that. I understand where he's coming from.' It was comforting just because all of the stuff that you've heard that might happen, to actually hear what is going to happen it was a little like, 'oh that's it?'

Q: So if anything it was surprising to you in the sense that it lacked in severity?

A: Don't get me wrong. His points that he made he really enforced them. He has a vision and a direction that he wants this team to go in. Most of the guys that I've been around I know agree with the way he wants things organized. I didn't really see much of a stretch, or anything that was kind of crazy.

Q: Do you agree with him that most players want discipline and structure?

A: I think most players want to have everyone (held) accountable for their actions. Whatever that means is what it means. If one player is putting in a lot of effort and doing their type of thing, you want to know that the player next to you is putting in that same kind of effort. You don't ever want to be looking over your shoulder and see if your teammate is going to be there. In that sense I would say that that is exactly what I think.

Q: Coach Coughlin used a Power Point presentation in the meeting - were there parts of this morning that were very different to you?

A: The only thing that was different was that I thought the way in which he spoke, he had a definite agenda. He knew exactly what he was going to talk about. He wasn't jumbled in any kind of way. It was so organized that it was kind of like 'Oh.' I guess it put me at ease because I understand that this whole season is going to be very organized and everything is going to be done first class.

Q: He didn't read his speech though?

A: He had his points that he wanted to talk about and he hit every one of his points that were on the Power Point presentation.

Q: Do you think it will be a very different workout for you personally?

A: I think so, but I've been doing a lot of this type of stuff on my own. So it will make it a whole lot easier for me to just be able to go to a one-stop-shop where I can just come in and workout and not have to go driving half way across Jersey trying to find different places to workout. I am pretty happy about that.

Q: Was this your first meeting with him?

A: I actually met with him the first day that he got hired and then I met with just briefly a couple other times just with running into him in the locker room and those types of things during the offseason.

Q: How would you characterize the reactions of some of the other guys on the team to the meeting?

A: I think everybody took it pretty well. I think everyone is pretty excited and they feel comfortable with how he is going to handle it.


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