Accorsi mum as Draft approaches

As usual, Giants GM Ernie Accorsi said absolutely nothing during his annual pre-draft gathering with the New York media. Accorsi refused to even discuss top prospect Eli Manning, saying only that "he's a good player." <BR><BR>

"Tom (Coughlin) is not going to give Andy Reid his game-plan before the opener," Accorsi said.

Accorsi would not admit that the reason the club contacted the San Diego Chargers about moving up to the top spot was for Manning.

"It just so happened this got out," he said. "We've talked to other teams ahead of us and behind us.

"We are not obsessed with (moving up)."

Accorsi said the Giants don't feel any pressure to move up. "We have a plan to stay where we are."

According to their GM, the Giants can't go wrong 10 days from now.

"You have to come up with four people and I think we've come up with more than four," he said. "We're going to end up with a great player no matter where we end up."

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