Friday injury update

Here's what Jim Fassel had to say about his injury list for this coming week's Monday night game in Minnesota:

 "Lance Legree (chest) is probable.

Luke Petitgout (knee) is probable; that is something we have to list if you anticipate that they might be missing some time.

Cedric Scott (hand) is down as questionable, they did not have to do surgery on that, and he probably will do limited practice this week. I think he is going to be sore, and that is why he is listed as questionable.

Rodney Williams (wrist) is making a lot of progress and I think he might beat the time frame, but this week he is questionable. As far as that we are in reasonably good health."

When asked if Williams had any hopes of punting this week, Fassel said, "Originally, the prognosis was after the bye week and then the prognosis came back Friday and said he has a chance for the Oakland game, and then, as we were walking out to work out the punter (Gabe Lindstrom), he said that he thinks he has a chance for this week.

"The one thing as a coach that you have to guard against, and you want it in your players, is that they say they really think they can play, but what happens is that they really want to but as you get closer they realize that they can't do it physically. Is he moving along? Yeah, he is moving pretty well, but I had to sign the punter for insurance and more than likely I'm going to use him and more than likely Rodney won't punt this week, but he is making progress."

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