Questions remain on eve of Draft

Twenty-four hours before the NFL Draft, covert operations and subterfuge continue to abound. Will the Giants trade for the top pick? TGI says yes. If they don't, who will it be? TGI says Ben Roethlisberger. Will Kerry Collins ever be happy again in New York? TGI says no way. <BR><BR>

Everyone having anything to do with New York's expected first-round swap with San Diego is denying the talks to no end. That means…that the trade is still very likely. Don't be surprised if it's announced while the Chargers are on the clock shortly after noon Saturday.

If the deal falls through, New York will almost definitely end up with Roethlisberger or Miami safety Sean Taylor, in that order, which is how the Giants have them ranked – third and fourth after Eli Manning and Robert Gallery, respectively. Also, don't expect the Giants to trade down. GM Ernie Accorsi isn't in the business of gambling to see if someone the Giants want will still be there, when they could have taken them earlier.

New York has always followed its own plan, and discounted all the so-called draft experts. That's proven once again this year, as the Giants are not all that interested in consensus top three pick WR Larry Fitzgerald, but are very intrigued with Michigan RB Chris Perry, whom many figure to go in the middle of the first round at the earliest.

As for Collins, his feelings and pride have already been hurt so badly that it's hard to imagine him running the show without problems this coming season, the last on his contract. He said Giants fans and media would see how mad he was if New York does indeed make a deal for a quarterback.

As for the Mannings, Archie claims he isn't pushing for a trade to New York, but did confirm that he told the Chargers not to draft his son. Eli, however, refuted a report that he would sit out the 2004 season if selected by San Diego.

Stay tuned. It's only going to get more interesting.

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