Collins takes high road

Eli Manning is perhaps the most celebrated first-round pick in Giants history. That's not such good news for the guy who plays his position. However, Kerry Collins had nary a disparaging word about the man selected to succeed him behind center.

"The Giants are trying to establish a quarterback that's going to be here for the next 10 years," Collins said. "This is just part of life in the NFL."

Collins said he still hadn't spoken to anyone with the Giants, so he didn't exactly know what his immediate future held.

This much he was certain of. "This pretty much assured that my future with the Giants is over – whether it's this year or next year," he said. "Obviously I'm disappointed that things had to end."

Collins's cap number is close to $9 million this coming season, making it nearly impossible for both he and Manning to fit on New York's payroll. However, if Collins had his druthers, he'll still be wearing Giants' blue this fall.

"I would like to stay here and play out my contract," Collins said, adding that he'd be amenable to a reserve role. "I'm fully committed to the New York Giants right now. The Giants have been very good to me.

"If I'm here I'm not going to hold it against Eli; I'm not going to hold it against the Giants."

Collins does have one final request for New York management: if they're going to send him packing, please don't waste any time.

"If they're going to cut me before the season," he said, "I'd like them to do it sooner rather than later."

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