Ourlads' on Manning

Here's what Ourlads' Scouting Services had to say about Giants top pick Eli Manning:

Son of former pro star Archie Manning and brother of current star Peyton Manning. Three year starter. Had a strong senior season – Maxwell Award winner. Fundamentally sound. Similar in mechanics to his brother. Tall and somewhat slender. Good athlete. Quick-footed in his dropback. Sets quickly. Maneuverable. Doesn't look to run but he can avoid pressure and slide outside. Maintains good control and throws effectively on the move. Holds the ball high and has a quick compact delivery and a strong arm. Very accurate in the short and intermediate range. Drills the ball nicely between defenders over the middle. Can fire the long out. Shows fairly good touch. Needs to improve his deep passing but has the arm strength to develop in this area. Smooth ballhandler. Fakes well. Patient and confident. Takes some chances and will force some balls into traffic at times. Not quite as gifted as his brother but is a very good prospect in his own right. Should be a very high pick and a quality longtime starter as a pro.

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