Ourlads' on Snee

Here's what Ourlads' Scouting Services had to say about New York's second-round pick Chris Snee:

Junior eligible. Starter since his freshman year. Right guard with thick legs, a wide upper body, relatively short arms and good overall strength. Tough run blocker. Quick off the ball with good leg drive to generate movement at the point of attack. Keeps his feet active. Has good balance. Stays on his feet. Very aggressive initially but not a consistent finisher – doesn't always sustain his initial nastiness. Will sometimes let a defender off the hook after winning the battle – becomes a spectator at times. Has good speed for a lineman. Can pull and adjust on the move. Gets linebackers well firing upfield – has cut block efficiency. Decent overall pass protector. Not quick footed in his lateral movement and redirection, but he is aggressive with his hands. Does a good job of absorbing contact and locking up opponents.

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