Accorsi and Coughlin share thoughts on Snee

"He is just a tough, tough inside player with a very good athletic ability."-Ernie Accorsi on second round pick Chris Snee <BR><BR>

Ernie Accorsi on Chris Snee

Q - Who is Chris Snee and why did you take him?

A - Chris Snee is by far the highest rated player at a need position; a critical position - as you all know. He is a center and a guard. You know how I am and we all are - tackles are the toughest to find, but there just weren't any of them there. We feel there is a flexibility to Diehl playing tackle, and with Seubert's position...it is just a critical need, there is no question about it. We just drafted a young quarterback, we need to protect him.

Q - What stood out about Snee?

A - He is just a tough, tough inside player with a very good athletic ability. He's what we call an I player, and an I player has upside and a chance to really be good. He's got that versatility of guard and center.

Q - Was he the best guard in the draft?

A - Yes I think he was. There were two tackles that went off, obviously. One went very early and the other one went pretty high, but I think he's the next best offensive lineman.

Q - Will Snee be a starter?

A - I know he's good. If he doesn't start then we're in pretty good shape. I don't mind that part of it, he's a rookie. I have no doubt he is going to be a starter, I don't know if he'll be one from day one. If he doesn't start that means somebody else is better than him and we're in pretty good shape. The draft is not over No. one and No. two June 1st doesn't seem to be the fall that it once was because I think people don't want to keep throwing off money to the next year, but there is always a chance.

Coach Coughlin on Chris Snee

Q - What did you like about Chris Snee?

A - Chris Snee was listed toward the bottom of our first round, and was the top of the position board at his position. There were three players right there and they were all of outstanding value because of where they were coming from and in Chris Snee what we end up with is another player who was the highest rated at his position, who can play center in a pinch, who is an outstanding football player, a physical football player, a guy that will probably play at 320 and be athletic and be able to pull and do those kinds of things. And fits a need for us, obviously we have some needs on the offensive line and we need to establish again some ability and some depth. This is a pick which allows us to do that.

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