Coughlin gives analysis on second day of draft

Here's what Tom Coughlin had to say following the second day of the Draft: <BR><BR>

I think that one thing, which is quite obvious, is that we gained - in a number of these picks on the second day - speed and special teams help. (Gibril) Wilson for example is a guy who has a legitimate 4.4 speed, a guy who has amassed a lot of tackles coming out of the safety position in the Southeast Conference, has excellent special teams ability. However you want to use him as a gunner, however you want to use him on coverage teams, I think that was a big factor.

Reggie Torbor, who had 10½ sacks this year and has played with his hand on the ground. He was worked out as a linebacker. He is a guy who will give us that straightahead speed for good special teams play, also I think good flexibility on third down is potentially a guy who can be used as an athlete in the mix to create pressure as well as drop in the path.

Jamaar Taylor is an outstanding receiver who was injured - as you know - this year. (He) had the ACL surgery in October and he actually worked out, which was real interesting, and ran a 40 time. At this stage in his recovery he was not supposed to do any maneuvering, but he did give us straightahead speed, which was a very acceptable speed for a lot of people who are healthy. I would be excited about his continued progress and to be honest with you, the value of this young man in terms of how he was evaluated prior to the injury is substantial. He is very well thought of. We are counting on a full recovery and I think that he will be a guy that can push people out of there from the standpoint of a wide receiver. He will be a deep threat and also can give us special teams help.

The big tackle from Duke - Strojny - good feet, big man, obviously (in a) very competitive league; we watched him against all the top people in the league and he fared very well. We are excited to have a big guy at that point of the draft who does have good athleticism.

And Issac Hilton has in my opinion nothing but upsides. He is a big man who has progressively gained in weight each year, good speed off the edge and can give us some pass rush ability as well.

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