Collins' parting words

Here's what Kerry Collins had to say about his situation as a soon-to-be former Giant: <BR><BR>

Basically this all started when I talked to Tom after they picked Eli. It was about 4 pm on Saturday. He had mentioned to me that they would be asking for my cooperation from a contractual standpoint to help with the cap situation. That was left at that. I since heard Ernie, I since heard Tom talk about on TV that they would be coming to me and asking for that help - whether it be through restructuring or through a cut in pay for them to be able to keep me for this year. Having heard that and knowing that that was on their minds, I decided to go in and see Ernie this morning. Because, frankly, I figured there is no reason to wait around. If that was what was on their mind and that was the situation I was faced with, I wanted to go in and talk to him about it. What I did this morning was I went in and saw Ernie. I closed the door behind me and asked him what he wanted to do. Ernie basically went through the dynamics of the cap and how in the past it might have been possible to just keep me under the current situation and basically he laid out a couple of options for me. One would be to restructure my contract, add years, which would be voidable years and basically take a pay cut that way this year. Another option would be for them to go to - basically, he said, they would have to restructure five other contacts to be able to keep me at my number and also to have Eli on board. He basically asked me how I felt about the situation and I told him that I wouldn't be interested in doing any restructuring or taking any sort of pay cut. He said, "We will have to talk about it as a staff and with the owners and Mr. Mara and John and we have to make a decision on that". But it was pretty clear to me what was going to happen and what they were going to do.

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