Draft day diss

So, what exactly happened while the Giants were on the clock during day one of the draft on Saturday? <BR><BR>

For one, they terribly disappointed Ben Roethlisberger, whom they had previously told they were going to pick with the fourth selection. Roethlisberger was taken by the Steelers with the 11th pick.

As for the Browns, they were so certain the Giants were going to switch places with them in the first round that they had already contacted the player they planned to choose, Miami safety Sean Taylor, and told him he'd be a Brown within seconds.

However, assistant GM Kevin Abrams quickly told the Browns that the deal was off and that New York was going to use its fourth pick. Then, GM Ernie Accorsi called back and said that the Giants didn't make the deal because co-owner Wellington Mara didn't approve it.

Cleveland representatives at Madison Square Garden in New York started to worry when they saw New York's representatives begin filling out the Draft card. Their worst fears were confirmed seconds later as the Giants picked Philip Rivers fourth, then traded him to San Diego for Eli Manning. The Redskins, picking fifth, were equally enamored with Taylor and selected the hard-hitting, play-making Miami safety.

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