Archie Manning conference call

Excerpts from Archie Manning's conference call on April 29: <BR><BR>

Q: Do you think that Eli has any idea what he is going to walk in to here as far as the pressure from media, fans and his teammates? Do you think he will be able to handle it?

A: I think he will be able to handle his teammates; he has been around, as best as anyone at his age can. It is a huge transition in every aspect for someone going from college ball to pro ball. I think it is a little bigger for a quarterback and probably; it is magnified a little more - coming to New York and possibly also by the turn of events of last week. So, does he have an idea? Yeah, I think he has as an idea. Can you comprehend that whole thing? I don't think anyone can until you just jump into it. But I will say this; I am not sure what kind of disposition a person needs to have to handle this best. But he is a pretty level guy and he knows what got him here to this point. That was hard work. He won't stop that. So you just have to roll up your sleeves and let it happen.

Q: Do you think the fact that the incumbent veteran now is gone and it kind of leaves him a clear way to jump in there - does that help things for him?

A: That is really hard to say. People have asked me about this for years, all the way back to when I played, other quarterbacks through the years, when Peyton jumped into this six years ago and every situation is different. It really is. I don't think anyone can stand up there and say, absolutely, it is better to throw them into the fire, or absolutely it is better to sit for a year. I think it just depends. Certainly it depends on the individual. But also just the circumstances and that is what coaches are for. Those are decisions they have to make. I think the player can just go in there with his eyes open and his mouth shut and soak it up and see what happens. Those are decisions that coaches have to make.

Q: How does Eli's personality, disposition, point of view, whatever, differ from Peyton's?

A: I think he has always been a little quieter than Peyton, maybe a little more laid-back. Eli has come out a lot in the last year or two. People tell me up at 'Ole Miss, coaches, players, talk about kind of a change of Eli in his senior year, that role as a captain, that role as a fifth-year guy, the swan song year, and all of those types of things. Trying to make the best of it, trying to win a championship. I think, obviously, returning for that year was very beneficial to Eli. I would say that Peyton has always kind of been a real take-charge guy and Peyton never blinks at anything - that is kind of the way he is. All of your children are different. They were kind of different in that respect. But I would say Eli has kind of closed that gap in the way he has been just a little more forceful with himself and his personality, if you will, have come out a lot. Just in general, more talkative than he used to be. Although, I think the situation he went into at 'Ole Miss and the pressure he was under, and some of the things he has been through, I think his disposition has served him well. He is quiet but he competes in a real quiet way, he works real hard. Eli never gives anybody any trouble. He doesn't have a big ego. They call him 'Easy.' He is pretty easy to get along with.

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