Where they fit in

Here's an early look at how and where New York's draft picks are expected to fit in this coming season: <BR><BR>

Eli Manning

Manning fits in exactly where he wants to – as New York's starting quarterback. The Giants removed any doubt about that when they sent Kerry Collins packing only days after the draft. Within seconds of trading with San Diego, Manning was anointed New York's starter. Sure a veteran will be thrown into the mix, but this is Manning's team to run from the get-go. The Giants are prepared for the usual bumps in the road that you'd expect from a rookie, but they appear willing to ride out the storm as their superstar quickly improves.

Chris Snee

The Giants do not want nor plan to rush Snee into the lineup. However, depending upon how fast he progresses and how the rest of the club's line shapes up, it wouldn't be all that surprising to see Coughlin's 'son-in-law' lining up at left guard as the team continues to wait for Rich Seubert to recover from his broken leg. Or, Snee could fill in at right guard if either injury or ineffective play dictates. If not, Snee will provide the type of talented depth that New York was so clearly and obviously lacking last season.

Reggie Torbor

It's going to be very interesting to see what and how much New York can get from its athletic fourth-round pick. Torbor is a speedy player that can rush and also cover. While he played down in college, he's going to be an LB for the Giants, the hybrid-type 'backer that Tim Lewis covets. Torbor won't start, but he could certainly see himself entering the game on passing downs as one of the sub defenders. Whether he lines up primarily as the Sam or Will doesn't really matter; what does is that he makes the plays that many of Big Blue's LBs were unable to last season.

Gibril Wilson

Wilson's speed makes him the perfect candidate to come in on passing downs and pick off passes. It's hard to imagine Wilson as the first DB sub, but if he displays dependable hands, it could happen.

Jamaar Taylor

No one's expecting anything immediately from Taylor, who might not even be healthy enough for camp. But the Giants believe they got a steal in this second-round talent.

Andrew Strojny

Even with the line in desperate need of improvement, don't expect to see any contributions from Strojny, unless a whole bunch of people get injured.

Isaac Hilton

If he shows he can get the job done in camp, Hilton could very well find himself subbing in on occasion this fall. Very raw pass-rush talent could certainly be of some use.

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