Coughlin preps for first camp

"I want to take a good look at these young kids, these drafted kids, these free agents, and see how they fit."-Head coach Tom Coughlin <BR><BR>

Q: What are the objectives for you in this camp?

"The objective for us in this camp is to put all of our players together and have an opportunity just to get a feel for how these people all fit together. We want to make sure people are in the right positions, find out who can run, find out who is good in the classroom. We will apply the overload principle; we will give them all kinds of information in a very short amount of time and see what kind of poise and capacity to retain information they have. We'll see how well they participate in meetings, see how well they can handle the fatigue, practicing twice for two days and getting that night meeting and how much they can retain the next morning.

"I am really concerned with five or six areas of our football team. There are six areas that if they would improve, we would immediately be a better football team...our special teams being one. So how do these people all fit on special teams? Overall team speed, I want to be able to evaluate that. We think we have upgraded, but we need to see that.

"I want to take a good look at these young kids, these drafted kids, these free agents, and see how they fit. For example, we will have a lot of people at the linebacker position. We have been out there twice and we do have some limitations in terms of numbers there while we are working with just our veterans. The younger linebackers will be put right into the fray because of the restrictions. For example, Barrett Green has a slight groin and he has been restricted. We have some things that we have to kind of get a feel for there.

More objectives: "To be able to continue the observation and development of our offensive and defensive lines. Are people in the right place? What kind of flexibility are we going to have? Who would be, in a sense, swing people that we might be able to count on, that type of thing. The obvious is to take the two young quarterbacks and put them immediately into the rotation and see how they do, how they fare. We have an opportunity to see a lot people, to see how organizationally our people continue to adapt to the format that we utilize for practice. And we can come away from the camp with an idea about strengths and weaknesses and perhaps what more has to be done before the fall.

"The players have next week off. It is the time in our offseason strength and conditioning program that calls for the break. This is good because we will sit back and evaluate all of those players based on the mini-camp, based on their progress in the offseason program. We have a number of people that have been in the controlled situations weight-wise and we take a solid look at that. And when they come back on the 16th, they all come back and we will go into the strength program on Monday, the 17th. And then ee will start to work. We will put them back on the field and we will have a series of one-a-days right through the end of May and into early June. Then we will have the two mini-camps."

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