Breaking down the Giants' picks

"Hard to imagine him getting in a teammate's face for correctible mistakes, but at the same time his easygoing nature may serve him well in the New York media spotlight."-Sabo on Eli Manning <BR><BR>

Eli Manning

Strengths – The cream of this year's QB crop. A great student of the game. Drops back smoothly with balance and control. His arm strength is good and he can zip the ball over the middle. Accuracy is very good. He does not make his receivers adjust to the underneath ball. He has pocket awareness. He can slide and avoid, which enables him to escape and buy time. Has good field awareness and can locate second and third receivers. Will do extra work to improve his game. A quiet competitor.

Weaknesses – Will get flustered at times under pressure. Unlike his brother he has a laid-back personality. Hard to imagine him getting in a teammate's face for correctible mistakes, but at the same time his easygoing nature may serve him well in the New York media spotlight.

Chris Snee

Strengths – Hard working blue-collar type. Thick legs. Wide upper body. Good overall strength. Tough run blocker. Quick off the ball with good leg drive. Can generate movement at the point of attack. Can pull and adjust on the move. Can get into second level blocks. Decent pass protector with aggressive hand use. Does a good job locking up pass rushers. The coach is his child's grandfather.

Weaknesses – Relatively short arms. Not a consistent finisher. Not quick footed in his lateral moves and redirections. The coach is his child's grandfather.

Reggie Torbor

Strengths – Dedicated worker. Plays with passion and wants to succeed. A high effort player who makes plays when chasing. Very competitive. Shows good initial quickness off the ball. Will compete against the run with good effort and speed. Uses his hands well and is an active pass rusher. Has natural pass rush skills. Good overall speed.

Weaknesses – He is a drag-down type tackler. Sometimes struggles to bring down runners on contact. Needs to gather himself more before making a hit. Conversion will be difficult because he is not a natural in-reverse player.

Gibril Wilson

Strengths – Hustles and pursues well. He is a willing tackler who supports the run well. Good explosion and leaping ability. Has speed to make up ground. Will make huge hits.

Weaknesses – Has to improve field vision. Technique is a little stiff and mechanical.

Jamaar Taylor

Strengths – Very fluid with good flexibility and excellent body control. Good hands. Will extend and adjust to high ball. Runs with toughness after the catch.

Weaknesses – Relatively short arms. Runs somewhat upright in his routes. Cuts are not crisp. Tends to cradle ball into his body.

Drew Strojny

Strengths – Can sustain blocks. Adequate pass blocker. Can slide and hold his edge. Decent foot quickness.

Weaknesses – Plays tall. Struggles at times with proper knee bend. Doesn't always sink his rear end properly. Has trouble at times with inside rush.

Isaac Hilton

Strengths – Explosive with outstanding quickness. Can flash to the ball. Uses power and speed. Strong use of hands. A hard worker in the weight room and at practice.

Weaknesses – Slightly undersized with relatively short arms. A little out of control and off balance at times. Most fast than agile. Very rough around the edges.

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