Accorsi's analysis of draft picks

"If you cluster the Aikmans, the McNabbs and the Culpeppers, I feel he'd fare very well in that competition over the last 15 years."-Accorsi on Eli Manning <BR><BR>

Eli Manning

"We felt confident that this was the superior quarterback in the draft. The thing that set him apart was level of competition. For the most part, his team was outmanned on the field. There was only one other Mississippi player taken during the first day of the draft. His brother (Peyton) told me that he had four first-round picks on the field with him when he was taken first. Given all the physical attributes that he's got, I thought Eli was a player with the instincts and quality to lift all those around him. If you cluster the Aikmans, the McNabbs and the Culpeppers, I feel he'd fare very well in that competition over the last 15 years."


"He was by far the highest-rated player. When we were in our February meetings, he was sitting way up there as the top-rated guard. I asked Tom (Coughlin) then and he said he was fine with it. After our final April meetings, I asked again and Tom said fine again. Then when we were on the clock, I went to him a third time and he said fine. If he would have said I really don't want this, it's a family situation, we wouldn't have picked him. We really think he can walk in and start."


"We picked him as a linebacker. While he learns to play linebacker – he played up for two years, then finished his career playing down for the last two – he's a pass rusher. He'll be able to earn his keep as a pass rusher while he learns to play linebacker. A couple teams told us they were going to pick him in that round. He was a need and an athlete."

Gibril Wilson

"We wanted to get a safety and we picked the one with the most speed. He basically has played strong, but he projects to be a free safety. We picked him because he's a blazer and we thought he had ball awareness."

Jamaar Taylor

"Other than Manning, this guy excites me the most. We had a grade on him that was low first/early second. He's way ahead of schedule. He ran a 4.6 gliding. (Trainer) Ronnie (Barnes) said he could be ready for camp. He's a talent. That could be the one we hit the biggest on."

Drew Strojny

"He's not a power player, but he's a prototype left tackle prospect because he's a dancing bear. He's all feet. You can make them big and strong, but you can't make them have quick feet. He's such an athlete he has a chance."

Isaac Hilton

"When picking low we'd rather take a chance on talent and speed than someone that's a 'what you see is what you're going to get' player. That's what we did. This guy's got explosive speed."

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