Q&A with Tom Coughlin

Q: Eli looks a lot sharper today, did you see noticeable improvement over the last month, or have you seen noticeable improvement?

A: Yes I have, practice will do that. A little bit of understanding about what we are trying to get done - it is a foreign language when a young player, or any player, comes to a new program. You have to understand all of the things that he went through. The first time he saw anything, he had one hour of meeting time.

Q: With that in mind, did you see the same progression with Kurt?

A: Oh yea, he will have, no doubt. This is only his second opportunity. He has already got a pretty good grasp of all things that have been thrown at him. He comes in and out of the huddle and he gets the call from the script and goes right to the line of scrimmage. So he has done pretty well with that, too.

Q: Re: what does having Kurt Warner mean to the team overall?

A: It means that we have that veteran leadership in the locker room. And he is a guy that has a Super Bowl championship, two MVP's. He is very anxious to re-establish his career and is excited about being a New York Giant. And that is exciting to all of us.

Q: Do you want your offensive line - you want to know going into training camp who is where and just be able to work from there?

A: We are going to juggle some people around, no doubt. They have to be ready to do that. Some will have to have multiple positions learned. I don't know that it will be set until we are well into camp.

Q: What about changing positions on the offensive line?

A: I don't that there is going to be a lot of radical change, but there may be some.

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