Shockey likely to miss opening of camp

Jeremy Shockey has a big decision to make. From the sounds of it, he's already made it – have a screw placed into his injured right foot and endure a recovery period that's likely to extend past the start of New York's training camp.

"It's either sit out until camp or have a screw put in it and miss some camp," said Shockey, who has had three different opinions on his ailing foot.

Shockey recently saw Dr. Robert Anderson, a foot specialist in Charlotte, NC.

While Shockey has yet to make a decision, it certainly seemed like he was leaning toward having surgery. He said he plans to make a decision as soon as possible.

The frustrating part for Shockey is that he's still suffering from a fracture he had last season.

"I had a stress fracture in the same foot last year," he said. "It needs to be fixed. It was never fixed."

Making things even worse is that Shockey said he feels fine.

"I really don't feel any pain in it," he said. "The X-ray showed there was something going on in my foot, but it showed that it wasn't broken."

The timeframe should Shockey undergo the procedure is to stay off it for three weeks, at which point Shockey would be able to jog. A return to full duty would likely take seven weeks, when the Giants would be at least a week into camp, which opens on July 29.

Shockey was upset that all his hard work this offseason may go for naught.

"I'm losing everything that I built," he said. "But I'll be ready for the season. I can tell you that."

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