Worthy of the soaps

Who knew Giants football could have as many different storylines as a day-time soap opera?

From the players' anticipated dread of what will certainly be a much tougher training camp this August, to Tiki's new ball carrying strategy, there seems to be a lot going on for a season that hasn't yet begun. Here is a look at some of the more pressing issues facing the Giants pre-season.

Camp Coughlin - Several Giants are secretly dreading the upcoming camp. It's expected to be much tougher than the country club atmosphere that Jim Fassel ran. While the players admit they need a tougher climate in order to win, it will be interesting to see how some of the vets respond to quite a different working environment.

Super Strahan - Michael Strahan has earned the right to make and follow his own rules. Tom Coughlin, quite simply, doesn't care. Strahan has made it obvious from the get-go that he's not exactly at the front of the line in buying into the new regime. Coughlin's going to need to establish who's boss, but at what cost?

The two-headed QB - Eli Manning seems content to begin his career as the backup QB. Kurt Warner, on the other hand, fully plans to start the season opener and every game thereafter. Coughlin says it will be a battle all camp long, but he must know in the back of his head already that he expects Warner to get the nod. The longer a 'competition' goes on, the more likely it is to become a 'controversy.'

Tiki's touch - One of the most talked about issues has been Tiki Barber's new style of carrying the ball, designed to cut down on all the fumbles he had last season. Coughlin abhors fumbling, so Barber knows he needs to get a better grip on things before the season starts.

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