Doctor's Orders

Since Coughlin has made it clear that he has no use for injured players, everyone's working over-time to maintain a clean bill of health.

Strong, healthy players are just what the doctor (and Coughlin) ordered. Here is a look at the players who are looking to stay off of the injured list this season.

Michael Strahan - He's always had minor issues with his back through the years, but has fortunately been able to play through almost all of it. The front seven is entirely different from last year except for Strahan. Sounds like a lot of pressure to us.

Ike Hilliard - There's no doubt he's not only one of the toughest Giants, but as his seven surgeries in seven years will attest, also one of the unluckiest. Coughlin has no time for injured players. So this must be the year that Hilliard's able to make it all the way through, or quite simply it could be his last.

Carlos Emmons - New York took a minor gamble signing a player with a broken leg. But Emmons is on course to return for training camp, and the Giants had better hope he does. The Eagles MVP last season is going to be counted on big-time in Tim Lewis' defense.

Shaun Williams - As bad and confused as he played at times last year, New York's secondary was absolutely lost once he went out for the season with an injury. He's not only the quarterback of the secondary, but the trend-setting biggest hitter of the unit as well.

Bill Gramatica - The Giants have wanted to upgrade at kicker for a couple years now. Coughlin would really love it if Gramatica can stay on his feet and land the job.

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