All eyes on the new guys

This season's up and comers

TGI takes a look at the new faces of Big Blue.

Barrett Green - Not only will Green provide the speed missing on the weak side the last couple years, but he'll provide the football smarts and tackling ability Tim Lewis will love.

Norman Hand - His weight apparently now less of an issue, Hand can focus solely on becoming the run-stuffing DT the Giants desperately need. He's impressed Strahan thus far, which is certainly saying something.

Kurt Warner - He says he plans to start and who are we to argue? The two-time MVP, if he has any of his old magic left, could be quite a pleasant surprise for Big Blue.

Shaun O'Hara - He's the anchor of the new O-line, the Jersey kid who made it big. A solid player, O'Hara will be looking to solidify a problem spot from a year ago.

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