They'll be missed…

Which former Giants will be missed this season?

Everyone has been speculating about this season's new Giants. What most people seem to forget is the fact that these new faces are not just additions to the team, but rather, replacements for those no longer with the team. In this article, TGI takes a look at some of the Giants that will be missed (or not, as the case may be).

Kerry Collins - Was there ever an easier guy to root for? Despite the terrible reputation he came to New York with, he left the Big Apple with about as much respect as possible. While his on-field play might not be missed, his locker room presence certainly will be.

Keith Hamilton - Speaking of locker room leaders, Hammer will go down as an all-time great. He didn't feel like strapping it up one more year, so the Giants defense will have to continue the battle without its general.

Brandon Short - You kind of get the feeling that Short could have been a really good player if Johnnie Lynn and company would have let him play some more.

Mike Barrow - Can't argue with a guy who's breaking Jessie Armstead's tackle records. His religious ways might have worn thin, but, sans an excess of big plays, Barrow was as dependable as they come.

Jeff Roehl - Just joking. Best wishes to Roehl in Seattle.

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