Which Giants are going to butt heads this season?

Warner vs. Manning - This is the hot one, the one all eyes will be on. While it would be safe to install Warner as an early favorite, he's no shoo-in. The Giants goal is to get Manning on the field as soon as possible. If that means opening day, all the better.

Stoutmire vs. Alexander - The incumbent, Omar Stoutmire, has looked very good during minicamps and doesn't plan to relinquish his starting job too easily. Brent Alexander, a Tim Lewis favorite, was brought in to start, no matter what anyone tells you.

Stokes vs. Diehl vs. Allen - If the rookie Snee can hold down the left guard spot, there's a three-way fight a brewin' for the two OL spots on the right side. Ian Allen has been running first-team right tackle during the offseason, but there has been a lot of talk of moving David Diehl to that spot. If so, the versatile Barry Stokes will slide in at right guard.

Washington vs. Umenyiora - The staff would love Umenyiora, easily the better pass rusher, to start. However, they may go with the comfortable choice and give the RDE job to Keith Washington, the more dependable, run-stopping vet.

Bryant vs. Gramatica - They keep trying to rid themselves of Matt Bryant and he continually refuses to go away. However, they want Gramatica to be the man so if he can stay healthy through camp he's the favorite at this point. But don't count Bryant out just yet.

Kuehl vs. Dach - Don't laugh. Remember a bad snap cost the Giants a playoff game. Figuring out the right guy to keep as the long snapper is serious business. Will it be Kuehl, the guy they paid big money for but didn't play at all last year, or will it be Carson Dach, who stepped in and did a flawless job last season?

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