Key free agents

This season's top free agents.

Will Peterson - The Giants bought time by signing Peterson to a tender offer this offseason, but don't be surprised if they come to him during the season – or even during camp, for that matter – and try to extend him. They love the physicality of Peterson and certainly want him around for years to come.

Ron Dayne - No one has more to prove – and needs to prove more – than Dayne. A productive season and he'll be back in New York next year a much richer man. If he stumbles in '04 he'll be on the unemployment line once the season ends.

Jim Finn - He's no Pro Bowler, but Finn usually gets the job done. If he can handle the multiple roles he's been given in Coughlin's offense he might earn an offseason extension.

Jesse Palmer/Ryan Van Dyke - One of these guys will be the Giants final QB; the other will be looking for work by the end of training camp. Regardless of who stays or who goes, the Giants would likely want to retain the survivor at season's end.

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