Coughlin fired up for opening of camp

Tom Coughlin made no bones about it – he's as excited as could be for the start of his first training camp as Giants coach.

Coughlin mentioned that training camp is perhaps his favorite part of coaching, especially because he gets to keep his troops under close watch and the sole focus is on football.

"I love training camp, quite frankly," he said. "It gives you an opportunity to have the players in a capacity that's unlike any other time during the year. You're trying to get them in an element where it's football, it's all football. Their entire day is consumed by football. They literally don't leave your presence at all."

Coughlin stated that the biggest emphasis he'll place on his players during camp is their effort.

"If their attitudes are in the right place, if their hearts are in the right place, the way I see it is if their number one priority is to win and everything they do is to prepare themselves to be the very best they can, they'll never have a problem with me," he said. "We will go through some growing pains, but if the attitude, the heart, the effort is in the right place then certainly I can be patient."

During his camp opening address, Coughlin spelled out his five keys to success: "There are five areas that need to be improved upon," he said. "The elimination of turnovers. The elimination of penalties. The ability to run the football. Our special teams play and our red area. We need to be able to focus and concentrate on those areas and to see the improvement."

* There was no news to report on the Eli Manning front. As usual, Manning's agent Tom Condon didn't return phone calls, but it seemed highly unlikely that New York's top pick would arrive in time for Thursday's mandatory 1 p.m. meeting.

"We need him in here as soon as we can get him, that's all there is to it," Coughlin said. "It doesn't help you. You're going to advance and when you start advancing it's tough to play catch-up."

* The Giants begin two-a-day workouts on Friday. They'll practice in shells Friday and Saturday, have meetings only on Sunday before beginning full-pads workouts on Monday.

* In addition to TE Jeremy Shockey and LG Rich Seubert, Coughlin said DE Lorenzo Bromell and G Scott Peters would be less than full strength at camp's outset.

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