Giants enter the unknown of Camp Coughlin

The Giants players reported to the dorms at U-Albany quite uncertain of what to expect as Camp Coughlin was about to begin.

Will Peterson laughed, saying he had no idea. Peterson added that if everyone followed the rules laid out by Tom Coughlin, the big picture would be something much to the Giants liking.

"There is a definite sense of the unknown," Luke Petitgout said. "We'll be banging heads for 30 straight days or whatever."

"It's strictly business when we step in there and Coughlin made that clear from day one," Shaun Williams said.

Some players showed up lighter; others heavier. Williams reported at 214, down slightly from his playing weight of last year. On the flip side, Petitgout tipped the scales at 315, 20 pounds heavier than when he reported to Albany last year.

"Your body can't be too light," Petitgout said. "I learned that last year. You can't take the rigors of the game. That's not huge for an offensive lineman; that's average."

What everybody also realized was that the rigors of Camp Coughlin would be anything but average.

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