Snee joins Giants, Coughlin families

The Giants had everyone present and accounted for when their first practice started at 8:40 Friday morning. Second-round pick Chris Snee said he grew very uncomfortable when he saw that top choice Eli Manning had agreed to a contract with Big Blue.

Snee said at lunchtime Friday. That wasn't the case.

"I was like, ‘great, I'm going to be the only guy not there.'"

At 10:30 last night in Albany Snee penned his name to a six-year deal that included a $2.3 million signing bonus.

"I told my agent Wednesday morning that I didn't want to miss any practices," Snee said. "It's just a relief to get it all done. The money we were fighting over was so close that it wasn't worth jeopardizing anything over."

"It's good that he didn't miss any practices," Tom Coughlin said.

It was also good that Snee married Coughlin's daughter. On July 2, Snee and Katie Coughlin, who have a son together, were wed.

"It was a wonderful time for us," Coughlin said of the wedding.

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