Training Camp Quotes

Eli Manning

Q: Any nerves?

A: No, not really. As a quarterback, I am not getting hit I'm not live yet, so it doesn't really change a whole lot for me. For me being in full pads, obviously the tempo picks up a little bit it, gets a little faster, the rush gets a little bit more intense, but I'm not to nervous going into today.

Q: Can you feel yourself getting a little bit more acclimated, more in the groove with every snap?

A: I do. I can feel myself just getting better, more confident, just making my reads quicker, just having more control of the offense and the line and being more confident about my decisions when changing things, and just getting a better feel and things are coming to me.

Q: Will you make some of the rookie mistakes, is it hard to brush them off your shoulders or how do you do it?

A: No, you have to have a short memory as a quarterback just if you make a mistake here you have to wipe it off and go into the next play. You can't forget about it. You can't make the same mistake again, but you can't dwell on it. If you get down then you can just make mistake after mistake, so you have to just put it off and get better.

Q: Eli how much do you catch yourself comparing your throws to Kurt's?

A: I don't compare myself to his throws. I watch Kurt and I try to learn from him, but when I get up there I'm trying to make plays I'm not watching him saying he went deep twice and got a touchdown now I have to throw a touchdown here. You can't do that you just have to find the open guy and throw it to him.

Tiki Barber

Q: For the veterans you guys just kind of jump back on the horse, but for a rookie like Eli there are some growing pains he has to go through.

A: I mean obviously it's just something that is new to him. The pace and the execution and the way things are done are something that he'll pick up quickly, but it's new for him just like all the other young guys that are here.

Q: Can you feel the energy lift up a little bit more?

A: You can a little bit. It's a different mentality once the pads are on. When you're just out there in your underwear it's easy it's just touch football. Once the pads come on you know you have to prepare yourself to get hit and all the things that come along with that.

Q: You said you have to handle it, did you get hit one time maybe too hard?

A: No, it just happens you get hit and your not use to it. It's like running into a wall it's going to hurt.

Q: How's your grip handling the football?

A: It feels great. It feels comfortable now. A few months ago when I first started it was uncomfortable, but I think it has helped me. I think it has helped compact my running style action and helped me become more efficient.

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