Coughlin's Training Camp Quotes

Q: Who has impressed you the most so far?

A: I'm not ready to make any statements about that. Each day, as I've explained probably 15 times, 2 or 3 people do something very well, and 2 or 3 people may not do something that is very positive for me. My whole thing is progress. A lot of times the progress has got to come from the bottom up to keep you going, to keep you moving, so then you don't have one or two groups doing well and then you put another group in there and they just don't get anything done. Sometimes you get bogged down by that. We've had some guys who haven't had a lot of reps like Scott Peters. You see him jump offside. That drives me crazy. I can't understand the illegal procedure penalties. We still have way too many of them, so something's got to go there. We've got to find a way to settle everybody down. The quarterbacks are different, their voices are different, their inflections are different, but it doesn't matter. It's a question of listening and focusing so that you get not only the play and are worried about your assignment, but what is the snap count. So a guy will go up there and he'll be all rattled and lose his poise and jump offside. And that drives me crazy.

Q: Is there something wrong with Will Allen?

A: He had some soreness yesterday afternoon and we decided to go with 1 a day with him for a while. It's not right where the problem was, it's on a different part of his foot.

Q: How are rookies Eli Manning and Chris Snee looking?

A: They're coming along. They're making strides just like everyone else is. And I look for it even more. I hope there's no dip in those young guys. Sometimes that happens. I'm hoping that with these guys that they can stay right with it and fight their way through camp and into next week and beyond, and continue to make progress.

Q: Are you happy with your progress after a week?

A: We are making progress. We're fighting a lot of different situations as you know. Today we had a couple different situations for them and usually that first time through it's not necessarily what you're looking for so you've got to prepare yourself to grind it out and hopefully the next time everybody understands it so they get a little better at it. But one situation, a tough situation for the offense (where we were) backing them up on the minus 1 with the objective being a first down and the defense trying to strip the ball, turn it over, make them punt, and try to get the ball back for your offense on the 50 yard-line for the 4-minute drill. You may see one or two things in the air but basically it's run. We have some good situations and we have to understand and take advantage of the ongoing part of it. We had 2-minute (drill) yesterday afternoon and we'll have 2-minute(drill) today.

Q: Are there any updates on Jeremy Shockey and William Joseph?

A: I think they're (medical staff) going to push those guys even harder and see how they fare. It's kind of like what happened with Scott Peters. They pushed him hard and he responded well, so he's got an opportunity to be out here once a day to get started. The same thing will happen with Jeremy and hopefully with William and hopefully they'll respond well.

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