Who's Not…

David Tyree – As if his offseason off-field arrest wasn't a bad enough start with Coughlin, Tyree dropped no less than 10 catchable passes during the first week of camp. His special teams ability doesn't carry as much weight after the Giants signed several ST players since last season. Doesn't look good for Tyree amidst a solid crop of receivers.

Bill Gramatica – Sure, he still has the inside track at the kicking job, but Gramatica has already missed way too many field goals during camp. He's also going to have to prove he can kick off deep consistently before Coughlin gives him the job.

Jared Lorenzen – Bad move skipping camp, big fella. Jennifer Lopez was in Albany asking for you. Not the way to make your entrance into the pro game.

Jason Doering – Through no fault of his own, Doering fell out of the secondary rotation when he sprained his knee. A fringe player to begin with, he better regain his health and get back on the field as soon as possible. Coughlin has cut better players than Doering because they couldn't stay on the field.

Frank Walker – It doesn't appear that the coaching staff is thrilled with Walker at this point. He's going to need a much better camp than he's been having. Has dropped some potential interceptions and been caught out of position at corner.

Ian Allen – The staff is trying its best to get him out of the starting lineup, and replace him with David Diehl. Allen had a rough morning in one-on-one drills when the Jets visited. It's hard to imagine Allen starting the season at RT, barring injury.

Mark Inkrott – We're not trying to be mean here, but Inkrott would need an absolute miracle to make this squad, even with the starter Shockey ailing.

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