Emmons slowed by leg

Aug. 6: Linebacker Carlos Emmons missed Friday's practice, the second day in a row he sat out. Emmons broke his left leg late last year with the Philadelphia Eagles and missed the spring camps.

"They slowed him right down," Tom Coughlin said. "They took him off the field yesterday and wanted to give him a couple days of rest. It's pretty much day-to-day."

"I am concerned because obviously the one practice a day bothered him. So I am concerned. The way it's been explained to me is he's getting over a fracture that still has hardware and he's got to fight his way through that. He'll have a little temporary setback once in a while, but hopefully he can get that under control. That's what the medical people tell me."

Emmons seemed much less worried than the coach.

"It's just a little bit sore, so we took some time off to let it ease up," Emmons said. "This is what it's supposed to do. This is what they told me was going to happen. I was supposed to come in and take it easy, but I came in and practiced full from the start. I think I just went a little fast on it. Nothing that's happened is out of the ordinary. It's part of the injury – when you first get back on it, it swells up and goes back down. When you practice again it swells up and goes back down. It's no big deal."

Emmons said he could return at any time, and the reason for his inactivity is to let the inflammation in the injured area diminish.

* * *

Injured guard Rich Seubert left Albany to have screws removed from his right leg, which was broken in three places last Oct. 19. "He went back to have the hardware out," Coughlin said.

* * *

NFL referee Bill Carollo and three other officials have been working practices this week. The officials met with the team on Thursday night. An NFL-produced video showing new rules and points of emphasis was shown. The officials then met with the offense. On Friday the refs met with the media, when they explained that on average they make "three, four, five" mistakes a game, and met with the Giants defense at night.

Several flags were thrown in practice as the crew paid special attention to the league-mandated emphasis on the rule that prohibits defensive backs from making contact with receivers more than five yards from the line of scrimmage.

"I told the team we cannot ignore this rule now," Coughlin said. "We received a memo from the league office telling us exactly how this was going to be emphasized and the fact that with the preseason games they were really standing on the officials to make them enforce this emphasis. So what you see out here, you see light contact beyond five yards they're calling it. They're just throwing it down."

"It's making the game more athletic. You have to figure out other ways of covering the receiver," CB Will Peterson said. "I'm not going to change my game. I'll let them call what they call."

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