Training Camp Qotes: Tom Coughlin

Q: Are the mini camps enough time for the receivers and quarterback to develop a rhythm with each other?

A: We'll see. It takes a lot of time. It takes the kind of communication that goes along with looking at a guy rather than verbal (communication). It takes that kind of knowledge of what that person is thinking and the only way that you can do it is work together and try to cut through all that other stuff and get to the point where you know one another. He knows where you're going and where to throw the ball and how you're going to react to certain things, whether it's press or jam or off coverage. It takes time. It takes a lot of time. So hopefully, that part of it will get worked out.

Q: Is there any one area of the offensive line that you're worried about more than another part?

A: It's just trying to get people in the right place and trying to make us better.

Q: Where was Terry Cousin today?

A: He has a viral infection so we're going to have to see. He's got the intestinal stuff so they kept him out.

Q: Has Carlos Emmons had a set back with his leg?

A: Yeah, they slowed him right down. They took him off the field yesterday and wanted to give him a couple days of rest. It's pretty much day-to-day.

Q: Are you concerned about it?

A: I am concerned because obviously the one practice a day bothered him. So I am concerned. The way it's been explained to me is he's getting over a fracture that still has hardware and he's got to fight his way through that. He'll have a little temporary setback once in a while, but hopefully he can get that under control. That's what the medical people tell me.

Q: Are you anxious about the practice with the Jets?

A: I'm anxious because really what tomorrow is, so you understand, is we're going to practice against the New York Jets. We're going to conduct the same kind of drills you see out here. We're going to have a great chance to look at a lot of young players against somebody in a different colored uniform to see how they can handle that particular part of it. I am anxious about seeing a lot of people compete in drills against another team to see how they handle it.

Q: Is your shifting of the offensive line going to keep going or at some point in camp are you just going to cut it off?

A: Well, I'd like to at some point but I don't know when that's going to be. We're going to move people around now until we settle on the right combinations. We've also got to develop back-ups in a lot of places.

Q: Is Rich Seubert back yet?

A: He went back and had the hardware taken out. They want him to stay home with his leg elevated, I believe, until Monday. He wants to come now but it's an issue between him and his doctor, they've got to decide.

Q: The officials were enforcing the five-yard penalty a lot more now...

A: I just told the team that. I said you know men we cannot ignore this rule now. We received a memo from the league office telling us exactly how this was going to be emphasized and the fact that with the preseason games they were really standing on the officials to make them enforce this emphasis. So what you see out here, you see light contact beyond five yards they're calling it. They're just throwing it down. They write the name down and give it to me later on. It's a fact of life now in the NFL and people have to be smart enough not to ignore the rule because they're going to call it. You can see what could happen. Say this is the first preseason game, you would have had about 8, 9, 10 violations, a couple of offense in there too. But that kind of momentum, one way or another if you will, psychologically on a team, is not good.

Q: Did you have your officials meeting last night?

A: We did, we had the officials speak to the team last night. We did that and the tape, there was a tape they brought with them. And they met with the offense, tonight they meet with the defense to answer all specific individual meeting questions.

Q: Those time management drills, are those things that come up in the first and third quarters?

A: No, most of those are end of game. They'll cost you a win or cost you points at the half. Most of those circumstances are.

Q: Are there other concerns?

A: Yeah, get the ball and keep the ball. There are always concerns. But, as I said, these are the situations that occur in reality in the National Football League on a weekly basis and need to be introduced in training camp and reinforced through the course of the year.

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