Manning scare for naught

Aug. 10: When the franchise quarterback shows up at practice with a bulky brace on his left knee, it certainly raises some eyebrows. However, Eli Manning said there was no need to worry. He wears the brace during games and he wanted to test it before New York's preseason opener against Kansas City.

"I've been wearing a brace in games since my junior year at Ole Miss," Manning said. "It's a protective thing on my left knee. When you throw and plant it's kind of vulnerable. I don't want to take a lick and have to miss a play."

"He said he had worn that in college," Tom Coughlin said. "He said he had ordered the thing and it wasn't here yet. I asked if there was some kind of incident. He said, 'No, I just wore it in college and I'll wear it here.' It was a surprise to me, I'll say."

* * *

The following players did not practice Tuesday morning: Will Allen (foot), Jeremy Shockey (foot), Barrett Green (headaches), Carlos Emmons (leg), Tim Carter (hamstring), James McKnight (toe), Jason Doering (knee), Jamaar Taylor (leg), Mike Saffer (ribs), Mark Inkrott (thigh), William Joseph (pectoral muscle), Rich Seubert (leg), Lorenzo Bromell (knee), Sean Guthrie and Chris Snee.

Guthrie, who spent the night in the hospital, and Snee, who immediately returned to action, were both suffering from dehydration.

"It's very troubling to me," Coughlin said of the absent players. "Look at the receivers. Now you're down just because they can't work and we have to control drills. We wanted to do that extra blitz, kind of three-quarter speed teaching drill this morning, but we're also trying to be aware of the fact that we have six guys that are running and competing at the receiver position and that does hold you back."

Coughlin makes no secret of the fact that he wants the injured players back on the field, but the decision is largely out of his hands.

"It's going to be all medical," Coughlin said. "I can give them as much support to try to get them back on the field as much as I can, but the final issue is going to come from the medical room."

* * *

While Emmons and Green watch practice, the younger linebackers have a chance to participate and show what they can do.

"It's difficult when you have Barrett Green and Carlos Emmons standing on the sidelines, but it's given the other kids a lot of reps,"

Coughlin said. "The other kids have taken full advantage of it. With the special teams, or however you look at it, those guys have tried to take advantage of their opportunity. They try to stay out there. I've seen Quincy Monk and Kevin Lewis make great progress. (T.J.) Hollowell has taken full advantage of the opportunity he's been given. (Reggie) Torbor, of course, has done that. (Wes) Mallard has made some impressionable things happen out there on the field. (Jim) Maxwell has done a couple of things that have gotten our attention."

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