Shockey Interview

Q: Jeremy was it a really good feeling to get out there?

A: Yeah, you know it seems like I've been sitting out a long time. Whatever I can do to help the offense is definitely what I want to do. So being out there, interacting with people, get timing down, catching some passes, the hardest part was they limited me. They said I could practice then I got out there and only told me to go to one rep every period, so I got cold. I caught a pass and I felt real cold. So that was more dangerous because I was just sitting there the whole time. Next week we are going to do more, but not push it as far as I can and be smart about it.

Q: How do you know this is the time to come back, and you're not rushing it?

A: I listen to the doctors, I'm not a doctor. I just do what they tell me.

Q: Did you feel any soreness at all this morning?

A: Of course a little soreness, it's sore every morning. It's just natural. I've ran on it and have had cleats on it and just some individual stuff, a positive thing so it really went away and it's not sore right now.

Q: You went 100 percent, is that just because of the way you do things?

A: I didn't go 100 percent; I was going about 85-90 percent. I wasn't really trying to push it as hard as I could. It's preseason, you got a lot of time left.

Q: Did you jump around a lot on the sidelines? Do you wish you were playing tomorrow?

A: I just wish I was helping the team get better on both sides. I know the defense gets a better look if I push them and make someone mad and get the practice going or the offense when I make comments and get in people's faces and try to help everybody get better.

Q: Any doubt because of injuries?

A: I don't care. If I play this year and I get a season-ending or career-ending injury, I'm happy. I'm satisfied with what I've done. I don't care. I'm going to go out there and play full speed and whatever happens, happens. God has a path for me. Injuries; you can't think about that. As a football player, you think about going 100 percent, making plays and helping the team win. That's the only thing I can do.

Q: Is the label as you being a brash guy fair?

A: A lot of reporters here write stuff bad about me. They don't know me. They see me not talking to them and they try to get even with me about me not spending time with them or not giving them what they want to hear. They can label me and do what they want to. I didn't come here to make friends. I came here to help the team win.

Q: Your personality and Tom Coughlin's. Has it clashed and will it clash?

A: I've talked to Tom a lot. Back when he was hired before we even met each other these reporters were writing ‘they're going to clash, they're not going to get together, they're going to be completely opposites.' But it's definitely the opposite of what they wrote. We definitely get along. He knows what I'm about, he knows how hard I work and what I want for this team. As a player, I know what he wants from his players and the aspect I see from him is that he's a throwback coach. As a player I respect him 100 percent and I respect what he's doing for this team.

Q: What about next week?

A: I would imagine next week they're kind of going to let the reins off and let me do what I want to do.

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