Coughlin explodes

Aug. 16: It really was only a matter of time. For as intense and intolerant as Tom Coughlin is, he was actually pretty well-behaved during the first few weeks of training camp. Not any longer.

Immediately following the special teams portion of Monday morning's practice, Coughlin blistered his troops for what he considered a lackluster workout.

He questioned whether they could beat a high school team. Moments after practice resumed, Coughlin approached a group of players and said, "You guys get your (butts) going. You look like crap." Later, at his daily media briefing, Coughlin was still simmering.

"I just didn't think it was as good as it should have been, so we just had to make sure they understood that if we didn't get it right, we would go back to the beginning," Coughlin said. "I wanted intensity, I wanted concentration, I wanted focus. I wanted all of those things. I wanted people on their feet, but I wanted hard, fast, physical play. We didn't have to tackle, but I wanted the intensity to be the way it should have been. It wasn't."

* * *

Jeremy Shockey practiced more extensively than he has at any time this summer as he continues to recover from the June 22 foot surgery in which a screw was put into his foot.

"I'm not a hundred percent, but I'm getting close," said Shockey, who is limited to one practice a day.

"We increase his workload each day under the supervision of the doctors and trainers and he has responded well," Coughlin said. "So we'll continue to do that, to monitor how many snaps he gets. He's out here with energy and speed and quickness. He has got to get himself back into playing shape. He certainly is someone we're excited to have back on the field."

Shockey said his experience has helped change his road to recovery.

"I'm listening to the doctors," Shockey said. "My first year I was hardheaded. I probably would have practiced three weeks ago (if this were his rookie season). So I listen to the doctors on this one. I stayed out. I'll hopefully never have a problem again with my feet."

* * *

Offensive line coach Pat Flaherty underwent successful colorectal surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. The procedure was performed by Dr. Michael Harris, a specialist at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan. No timetable has been established for Flaherty's return to the team.

Assistant coaches Pat Ruel and Dave DeGuglielmo will coach the offensive line in Flaherty's absence.

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