Manning will start

Here's how Tom Coughlin explained his decision to start Eli Manning Thursday night in Carolina:

Q: Would you like to tell us who the starting quarterback will be?

A: Is that of interest to you? It's Eli's turn. Eli will go. He'll start.

Q: How did you come to your decision?

A: The decision coming in was that they were going to compete for the job; therefore, we were going to give both of them the opportunity to start, and this week is Eli's opportunity. Last week was Kurt, this week is Eli.

Q: Did you base this decision on anything?

A: It's a rotation that I planned to do all along.

Q: What about the rest of the preseason?

A: We are going to play our game Thursday night and I'll let you know.

Q: How long will he stay in?

A: It'll probably be mid-second quarter, somewhere in that area.

Q: Did you explain it to Kurt?

A: Yes.

Q: How did you explain it to him?

A: That is between Kurt and I. Kurt is fine with it. That's what was anticipated and that's what we're doing.

Q: It seems like Kurt was getting more reps with the first team.

A: We do that in the morning and the afternoon goes the other way around. You've been watching practice, right?

Q: How has Eli been progressing?

A: As I said last week, there were pluses and minuses that everyone had to work on. I think that based on that, as we watch this game unfold, we can say that there is improvement in those areas. I thought yesterday afternoon was a good situational practice in which there were a lot of opportunities, and both quarterbacks did a good job yesterday afternoon.

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