Training Camp Quotes

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Q: How's Jeremy Shockey and what happened yesterday?

A: He evidently went for a ball, came down in an awkward kind of a fashion and has a mild strain in his hamstring.

Q: Does that mean he won't play on Friday?

A: We'll see. It's day-by-day.

Q: Will he practice this afternoon?

A: No, he's out.

Q: What about tomorrow?

A: I can't tell you about tomorrow.

Q: It's got to be pretty frustrating.

A: It's frustrating for Jeremy. It's frustrating for us. It's very unfortunate. His foot feels fine. He did have a number of reps prior to the injury. He was working hard, showed outstanding speed and push off the ball.

Q: Will your satisfaction with the offensive line be a factor in who you decide to start at quarterback?

A: No. It is one category, but it is not going to be the overriding decision maker.

Q: How's Kurt Warner?

A: There was one occasion where the ball looked like it slipped out or flipped out of his hand. I don't think anybody hit it. That's the only thing I saw. There's nothing wrong with his thumb.

Q: Is there a timetable for working William Joseph back in?

A: He's working now. He started back. He'll be limited in snaps as we go just to get him started but when he plays, he's played well. He's done a good job.

Q: Do you have a good feel for William Joseph and what he can do?

A: I think I do. I do have a good feel. I think the coaches do. He's done all the learning. He's been like Mike Waufle's assistant coach since the start of camp and even since the injury. He's been told that he'll be in that role and he's responded well to that so I'm hoping that he's on top of the learning so he can put it all together in a fast fashion out there.

Q: When will you announce the starting quarterback for next week?

A: What's today, Sunday? We play Friday. I'll let you know before mid-week.

Q: How is Nick Griesen's progress?

A: He's started to do more things. He seemed to get through it as (Tim) Carter did. Practiced it, did more things, certainly did not have a setback. I think their confidence and strength is there. Jeremy has excellent strength, that's not the case. He's sore in a couple of different spots but he has outstanding strength.

Q: How is Barrett Green's back injury?

A: That was what kept him out of the game the other night. I don't even know where it came from, to be honest with you. He just all of a sudden was cramping up and then it became muscle spasms in his back. But it was good to see him out here working today. He's starting to get back into it.

Q: What can you update us with in the kicking situation?

A: Just the fact that (Bill) Gramatica is still trying to get back from his injury and he's making good progress every day and I'm hoping by mid-week he might be able to kick.

Q: Is James McKnight still on this team? A: In theory, yes.

Q: In theory?

A: Yes.

Q: How about in reality?

A: He's not out here. He's not practicing. That's to be determined.

Q: What happened?

A: He had the injury and he's had some further information, so he can't practice. Q: He's here at camp?

A: He's not physically here. He's still physically on our team. But that has to be decided.

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