Q&A with Kurt Warner

What was your reaction to being named the starter? <BR><BR> Well, of course, excitement from that standpoint. That was goal number one coming in, to be the starter and help this team win a championship. There is still a lot of work to be done and now I just have to continue to focus on getting better, correcting the mistakes that I have been making and hone in on the responsibility and the role that comes with being the starting quarterback for the New York Giants. <BR><BR>

Did Tom tell you his reasoning for why he went with you?

Not really. He just said this is the direction we are going, then laid out the plan on how he plans on proceeding in different situations. He basically told me the news and told me to take hold of it and move forward.

Is it enough time to get ready for that first game?

Yeah, because there was never a process when we were not getting ready. So it is nice to have that solidified and be able to press into that position and that role and push forward not having those things in the back of your mind. It is still a matter of continuing to move forward, continuing to progress and get where I want to be in the next couple weeks.

Are you prepared for the inevitability that if you have a bad game, the fans will say put Eli in?

It is part of it. I mean everybody that has ever played this game at this position knows that it is hard to go 16 games having a great year. It is just a difficult business and it is a difficult position, and so that is part of it. This situation is going to be heightened a little bit because of the situation and who I have backing me up and the future of the franchise. That is not stuff I am going to worry about any way. I haven't read anything up to this point, I am going to continue to not read anything. I am going to just play my position.

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