A Conversation with Tom Coughlin

"When we come out of this thing this weekend, this will be our football team. It will be the New York Giants Football Team." <BR><BR>

Q: I'm sure every year the last cuts are tough to figure out. With all the new players is it tough?

A: There's two different areas to this. There's the personal side, which is very difficult when you've had a young man with you since way last Spring...to tell him you're not going to be part of the 53. But the business side is the business side and everyone knows that it can't be any other way. We try to...especially those that have made a great impression on us, if they've worked hard, I'd like to help them, I'll always be available for them...whatever they need...job recommendation, whatever.

Q: Last night you said you wanted to take a long look at the young receivers, is that one of your trickiest positions just because of all the people you have there?

A: It is, with regard to special teams as well. The contribution of special teams and the contribution of the wide receivers...the fact that some individuals have not been able to be used in the full capacity the way you would have liked too. But it was a group that to break itself out, somehow, someway we had to jar that a little bit ...so that became a game objective.

Q: After last night's game, have you decided on a middle linebacker?

A: No, I think I'll hold off on that one and we'll see where we go. Where that is in terms of, after we have our real solid discussion which will come later this afternoon and into tonight and then tomorrow as to how we put this team together and then we'll talk about that.

Q: Did Kicker Todd France's miss last night make you more likely to look at the waiver wire?

A: You're always looking at the waiver wire. The thing you start the training camp season with...remember you're not just competing against those that are here. Sometimes I do detect that on a team, when guys actually think they're just competing within themselves, they're not. They're competing in order to get better to compete against the other guy, the other team. So that's always the case. We always look hard at the waiver wire and people have to understand that at any time if there is someone better on the waiver wire, it's our obligation to bring them in and that's exactly what we'll do.

Q: After seeing this team through an entire training camp and preseason, what is your impression of the team's talent level? Is it what you thought it was or is it more or less? What do you think you have here to work with?

A: When we come out of this thing this weekend, this will be our football team. It will be the New York Giants Football Team. I believe we are a work in progress, I've said that everyday. After last night there's no doubt we are. It's about their attitude. It's okay to have a bad performance in preseason, but what are you going to do about it now. I'm going to say that throughout the course of training camp I've been relatively pleased with special teams, they've been a good solid group against a lot of good special teams outfits. Last night wasn't one of those nights. Last night was a night for all the things that you don't want to see in a game 4.

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