Giants release 17

The Giants' roster remains a work in progress after they released 17 players and placed two on injured reserve on Sunday. The moves leave the Giants with a 52-man roster, one under the limit, as they begin preparations for next Sunday's regular season opener against the Eagles in Philadelphia. <BR><BR>

"It's a work in progress and it may very well continue to be, not only from the standpoint of the roster, but the ongoing improvement of our team," head coach Tom Coughlin said. "There could be changes on this roster tomorrow. This may change throughout the start of the week.

"Our roster work continues. We're not finished."

Guard Barry Stokes and rookie running back Chris Douglas were placed on injured reserve. A veteran free agent acquisition who was expected to bolster the offensive line, Stokes will miss the season with a back injury. He played in just one game, the preseason opener against Kansas City.

Douglas was placed on I.R. with a hip injury. He was re-signed by the Giants on August 2 and played well over the next month. Douglas was the Giants' second-leading rusher in the preseason, with 145 yards on 34 carries. He scored three touchdowns, including a 27-yarder last week against the Jets.

The players who were released included linebacker Quincy Monk, a seventh-round draft choice in 2002 who played in 13 games the previous two seasons; veteran safety Jason Doering; and Carson Dach, the Giants' long-snapper for the entire 2003 season.

Also released were quarterback Ryan Van Dyke, running back Joffrey Reynolds, fullback Charles Stackhouse, wide receiver Ataveus Cash, tight ends Joe Dean Davenport and Mark Inkrott, offensive linemen Omar Smith, Solomon Page and Dion Meredith, defensive linemen Radell Lockhart, Sean Guthrie and Khaleed Vaughn, linebacker T.J. Hollowell and cornerback Jamaine Winborne.

"The difficulty comes in assembling a unit based on the different roles that people bring to the program," Coughlin said. "You have a standard procedure of numbers that you may or may not feel are absolutes at the different positions. However, within each position, there are always questions concerning whether you can exist without that number, are there other people on your 53 who play more important roles, and how is it you can exist if you don't strictly adhere to the numbers you create for your team.

"For example, many times we've gone through decisions where on the offensive line you've kept 10, the defensive line you may have kept nine or 10. There are different roles in the secondary, and you may have kept nine one year and 10 the next year and how you're going to apply those guys. The same thing applies to wide receiver, where many times you may play with five wide receivers. This year, right now, our number is six, and we have four specialist positions, one being punt returner."

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