A Conversation with Kurt Warner

"I believe that I can still perform at that level." <BR><BR>

Q: What are your thoughts, opening day is finally here and you have the nod, so what do you feel?

A: I am excited. I am just excited to get back on the field. I am excited to play again. Obviously the beginning of the season against a huge rival in their place, a great test for us, a great challenge for this football team. But that is what you have to love about this game. You have to want to show up and play against the best every week, and it is going to be fun to start out in Philadelphia.

Q: How does this opening day, to you, differ from other opening days this season?

A: Really the only thing is a different uniform; different surroundings. But other than that, I don't approach it any differently. I approach it as going out and playing football, going out and doing what I can to be the best at what I do and help my team win. I don't approach it any differently; I don't look at it from any different perspective other than I will be wearing a different uniform.

Q: What about the challenge of facing a good team, one of the NFC's best teams, right off the bat?

A: You would always like to gain some speed and hit those teams when you are at your peak. But, at the same time, it is their first game, it is our first game. It is a true challenge for us to go on the road against a team, a rival such as the Eagles, and to know three straight NFC Championships. We know what kind of football team we are facing. We know we are facing a good quality football team the first game out of the box. It is going to be a great challenge for us, that we are going to definitely have to be ready and have to show up early in that game to be successful.

Q: Do you feel that you are at the same level you were when you won the two MVP's?

A: I believe that I can still perform at that level. And I think that is going to come as I get more and more comfortable with this offense and can really add my signature to it. Whether I am at that point in this offense yet, I am not sure. In St. Louis the offense was like the back of my hand. I could do whatever I wanted; I could just react and play football. I am not sure I am quite at that point yet, but from the physical standpoint, seeing the game, reacting and making plays, I don't think there is any question. Now it is just a matter of me continuing to accelerate and get more and more confident in the offense.

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