Monday practice notes

Punter Jeff Feagles had a small cut on his cheek and what he said was a mild concussion, courtesy of the ferocious hit he absorbed from Philadelphia's Jeremiah Trotter. Though Trotter was not penalized on the play, he could be fined by the NFL. <BR><BR>

And Feagles hopes he is.

"The NFL has made a point this year that it's going to enforce helmet-to-helmet contact (which is illegal)," Feagles said. "I thought it was unnecessary. I don't mind legal hits. But that (wasn't legal). If he puts his head across my chest and gives me a nice blow like a regular football play, that's fine. But when you blast me in the side of my helmet, I have a problem with that.

"I thought it was cheap. Certainly his helmet was to my helmet. Yesterday, I didn't know, because I just felt it, I hadn't seen it. But after seeing the tape it was definitely helmet-to-helmet."

Coughlin was asked if he'll request the league to review the play.

"They'll look at it," he said. "They don't need me to tell them to look at it. It will be a league decision."

* Coughlin praised Kurt Warner, who completed 16 of 28 passes for 203 yards. The quarterback's costliest error was a fumble when the Giants had a third-and-goal inside the one-yard line late in the third period.

"You have a tendency to overly react to the fumble, and not give credit where credit is due in other areas," Coughlin said. "But there were opportunities that Kurt performed very well. He changed the cadence very well, he got some things done that way, he certainly made some nice throws. We had one, two, probably three drops on him that would have improved him statistically even more. I thought he controlled the huddle, I thought he showed outstanding leadership. There were opportunities for some plays out there that didn't get done. He contributed to one of them. The late-in-the-game opportunity to score, we have an opportunity to catch it and we don't catch it."

* Coughlin seemed generally pleased with the offensive line, which took some heat this summer, both externally and from the coach.

"The offensive line is improving," he said. "They're getting better. I think that's a pretty good statement. There are lots of yards. There aren't many points. There are some big runs. There are some inconsistencies there. But it's getting better. It's much better than it was a couple of weeks ago. So let's hope we can continue to do that."

* Coughlin said he wouldn't know the severity of Carlos Emmons' groin injury until the soreness subsides. Safety Omar Stoutmire injured his knee "to what extent, we're not sure," Coughlin said. Offensive lineman Wayne Lucier was forced from the game with a shoulder injury. Cornerback Frank Walker, who broke his sesamoid bone last week in practice, is sidelined for an undetermined amount of time. "I'm sure he'll be out a while," Coughlin said. Walker does not need surgery. Like Walker, wide receiver Jamaar Taylor (hip) missed the game due to injury.

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