Mark Brunell Q&A

Redskins QB Mark Brunell joined the New York area writers on a conference call hook-up Wednesday afternoon. Of course, much of the discussion was about Brunell's years playing for Tom Coughlin. There have been various reports regarding how well the two men got along. We'll let Brunell take it from here.

Q: Will it be strange playing against Coach Coughlin?

A: I don't know if strange is the word, for eight years I stood on the same sideline with him, now looking across I guess will be a little different. But I'm looking forward to seeing him, shaking his hand and briefly catching up.

Q: Do you think that his knowledge of you will help him in preparing for this game?

A: I think that if there is a coach out there that knows about me it would certainly be Coach Coughlin. He's been with me for 8 of my 11 years, which is quite a bit, so yeah, he certainly knows what I'm capable of and perhaps some of my weaknesses as well.

Q: Did you enjoy playing for Coach Coughlin?

A: Absolutely. I thought about this often, particularly lately...if there is one guy that I have to thank for giving me an opportunity it would certainly be Coach Coughlin. A guy that traded for a kid out of Green Bay who had maybe about 25 snaps in two bring me down into Jacksonville. That was big for me, he was the guy that was interested in me and pushed for a trade so I have a lot to thank him for.

Q: He's had some problems, at least in the beginning of his tenure here, with players complaining about some of his rules and appealing some of them to the NFLPA; did you ever experience similar things like that with him in Jacksonville?

A: Well, I'll tell you what, you know what you're going to get with Coach Coughlin. When we were with the Jaguars, it was very clear that when you were at the stadium, you were going to work. There was a standard there that I know he has set in New York...that you have to give everything, you have to give a 100 percent...full commitment towards making yourself the best player so you can help the team. Coach Coughlin is...discipline is important, commitment...hard work...a good attitude, all those things are important and so that certainly hasn't changed since he's been at Jacksonville.

Q: During those down years, do you attribute any of that to his rigidity and perhaps wearing thin?

A: You know I think our down years; you never want to make excuses but you know I will say that in those down years at the end when we were struggling to get wins...we had dismantled our team, we had a lot of injuries, unfortunately we lost a lot of close games that could have went our way and it was just a combination of things...injuries were a big part of it. If there's one thing Tom is, he's very consistent, and he was consistent from '95 all the way to 2002. We won, we had a great winning streak there and a lot of years with wins and he didn't change at all. We just had a lot of things that went against us, in my opinion that's what I think it was.

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