Warner rarin' to go

Thursday is Kurt Warner's day to address the media. Here's what he had to say in the Giants locker room. <BR><BR>

Q: Obviously starting off the season 0-1, you don't want to go down 0-2, especially considering it's two division teams?

A: Right. Well yeah. Definitely, you know getting beat by Philly and then Washington being 1-0, if you get beat by another division team, it also puts them at 2-0. So it puts them two games up on you from that respect, so it's obviously a huge game for us. So, it will pay big dividends to go out and perform well to get a victory, you know, down the road and just confidence level-wise in the locker room it will be a big game for us.

Q: From what I saw of the Redskins game last week it looked like they sent a bunch of multiple blitzes much like the Eagles would do; is that what you are going to see?

A: Yeah, they blitz quite a bit. It wasn't the same type of stuff that Philly does, but they did bring a lot of blitzes and tried to get some matchups with some of the linebackers they have like Arrington...get them on a back or get him in one-on-one situations...they like to rush him because he's got strength and speed which brings a lot to the table. So they did. They threw a lot of stuff at Tampa last week, so we have to expect anything. And it's hard when you're dealing with a guy that's new to the system and you only got to see a few pre-season games, so we're trying to get a feel for what they're all about...what their ammo is going to be but that is part of it...they like to bring pressure, even if it's just one guy to get guys in one-on-one situations.

Q: Offensively are you just looking to build on what you did last week?

A: We have to. We have to continue to build week in and week out...hang on to the good things that we did, improve the things that we didn't do very well and put the whole game together and I think that's the bottom line right now. It's not just bits and pieces and parts here and there, but we have to put a complete game together and be able to do well in all phases of the game if we expect to win.

Q: Is there a frustration level at all? Is it a continual growth with this offensive line that you're seeing?

A: I think we all continue to improve week in and week out. The hard thing is you want to be where you want to be right now and you have to understand that it is a process and that we're all learning, we're all getting there at different points in time. That's the hard thing, even though you all come into the offense together or install it at the same time, that doesn't mean everybody picks it up and has a great grasp of it or understanding of their responsibilities at the same speed as other guys. That's the process that you have to go through...you have to try to speed everybody up and get everybody to the same point to be as successful as you want to be and that's the stuff that we're going through right now and I think we definitely made some strides in a lot of areas last week but obviously not enough. We need to continue to move forward and get better in those areas and all of us getting more comfortable with what we have to do and what we can do to bring this team to another level.

Q: What kind of atmosphere are you expecting for the home opener?

A: I'm hoping it's going to be crazy. I'm hoping it's going to be loud, I hope it's going to be intimidating for Washington to come in here. I hope it's just a tremendous electric atmosphere...it does nothing but help us, give us an added edge, give us an added excitement for the game, but hopefully it also does a little from the intimidating factor for your opposing team or makes it a little bit harder for them to execute and run plays and cause whatever discrepancy that might be to play into our favor.

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