Tom Coughlin Q&A

Tom Coughlin addressed the media on Thursday, as he continued to prepare his club for Sunday's home opener against Washington. <BR><BR> Q: Can you talk about the spirit of the players and how they returned to practice yesterday? <BR><BR> A: Practice yesterday was...everybody was serious about their work. It's the first day of the week, so we have some work to do, some improvement to make, but the frame of mind is good and it will get better. <BR><BR>

Q: Can you talk about your emotions with this game? It will be your first regular season home game as head coach of the New York Giants.

A: It's an exciting time for all of us. The home opener of the National Football League, here at Giants Stadium, playing in the division against the Washington Redskins; it's a very, very exciting time.

Q: Can you talk about the importance of not going 0-2 to start this off; especially considering it's within the division?

A: Well, the importance of the game is obvious. I think every game in this league is of critical importance. There are 16 regular season games, and this is number two....this is the most important game that we will play to this time because it's the next one. So that's the way we look at it. Every game receives the same amount of importance.

Q: What kind of status do you have on (Carlos) Emmons right now?

A: Emmons will not practice today. He is improved, but he won't make it today.

Q: Last week you kind of set a deadline for Will Allen to be out on the field by Thursday if he is going to play. Is it the same for Emmons?

A: We'll see, that's a case by case. There's nothing hard and fast about that.

Q: Is there a particular area or two that concerns you most about needing to improve from game one to game two?

A: There are lots of areas, obviously. We talked about them on Sunday afternoon...Monday. We obviously need to pick up and be a better tackling football team; I think that would be a tremendous boost to us. Not to give up the big plays; that would be another boost. Do a better job on coverage...those things would be first and foremost in my mind...consistency on the offensive side of the ball. So those would be the first few things that would pop into my head.

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