Giants injury update

Tom Coughlin addressed the press regarding New York's injury situation following New York's Friday afternoon practice.

Q: How do you slow down a back like Clinton Portis?

A: Well, you can't…you know you just hope you have all the gaps covered when he penetrates the line of scrimmage. He's a slasher, he will cut it back. Obviously some of his best runs are cut back runs, but the other day it was more where he was intending to go back and he saw something up front and was able to hit it….a big gaping hole and he turned on the speed. So what you have to be able to do is make sure you have all the gaps covered and you have to be able to get somebody down. You have to get that eight man down, whether you do it initially or whether he comes down out of the secondary as soon as he reads run.

Q: Last week you said you were concerned about the team's attitude going into this week; how is it?

A: It's been good, it's been good. They've come back, they've worked. They were humbled, obviously, but they worked hard and we had a couple of good days of practice here, and so I think they are looking forward very much to Sunday.

Q: Do you have an update on Strahan and Emmons?

A: Yeah, Strahan seemed to feel a little bit better. He did some things in individual but didn't take any snaps with the team. Emmons did not practice. He came out in the gear today and loosened up…did some things with the rehab people on the side, but didn't take any snaps.

Q: Will it be a game-day decision?

A: It will be a game-day decision, I'm sure, on both.

Q: Can Torbor take over?

A: He's been practicing there all week long and we feel good about his progress.

Q: If Strahan was unable to go, would you start Umenyiora and Washington?

A: Most likely Washington would flip over, yes.

Q: What's your level of concern on Stahan?

Are you still confident that he will play?

A: Well, I am confident that he will play. Obviously, there is always a level of concern when a guy is not out there running around.

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